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Employee Shout Outs

"After coming to Oak Creek High School, I found myself amazed by my improvement in attitude towards math. Middle school math classes were torture for me (I was out of the district), and I dreaded advancing to higher math classes like Trigonometry and Calculus. After graduating to high school, however, I have had nothing but great experiences with math teachers and with math class in general. In fact, math has become one of my strongest subjects! I'm taking AP Calculus BC next year and am looking forward to more classes with Ms. Kubicek! Thank you to all my math teachers who have made math not only bearable but enjoyable. Keep it up, math program!"

-Oak Creek High School Student

"My son attends Deerfield Elementary and adores his first grade teacher, Mrs. Piper! Mrs. Piper has great communication with families through email and Class DOJO on a regular basis. My favorite is when Mrs. Piper shares photos of my son's artwork or special moments from the week. I appreciate Mrs. Piper's dedication to her students and their families."

- Deerfield Parent

"I would like to acknowledge Mr. Knoernschild, for his ability to quickly recognize a highly emotional situation for my daughter and appropriately redirect the situation. My daughter has been having some 'friend trouble' this year with a couple of girls. During gym class, one girl upset my daughter and made her cry. Mr. Knoernschild noticed she was upset, calmed her down, and reassured her by pointing out her strengths. My daughter told me that she was still upset, but Mr. K. was very cool and his kind words made her feel much better."

-Carollton Parent

"I just want to say "Thank You" to the AP Math and AP Statistics classes at the high school. My son graduated last year and he was blessed to get such a great learning experience in these two specific classes. He is attending a university in Indiana and is excelling in his classes because of the wonderful AP classes the high school had to offer. He is already going to have a minor in Math and he is only a freshman. Oak Creek High School should be acknowledged for offering so many AP courses. We are so grateful our son had this tremendous learning experience. Our family would like to say "Thanks" to all you wonderful and caring teachers."

- Oak Creek High School Parent

"Ms. Ashenhurst is truly a special teacher. My son loves her class and her. She has brought out an excitement and enthusiasm in him about everything she teaches that I have not seen in him before. I can frequently hear him telling his friends "how awesome" she is, and he has something to tell me every single day that he learned or did in class. I cannot even imagine how hard it is to inspire and keep the attention of 11 and 12 year olds. I just want her to know, she is making a difference. She is a fantastic teacher and her work is appreciated."

- East Middle School Parent

"I would like to recognize Mrs. Booth and the staff at Shepard Hills. I have to say the experience my kids and family have had within the past 7 years has been outstanding!

Over the 7 years we've had positive results for each of our three kids and having open communication with teachers and the principal has been a huge part of their success. We commend Mrs. Booth for her leadership of the staff and we appreciate her interaction with the students on a daily basis. She has a great staff and we see the love for teaching among her and her staff daily. Shepard Hills should be recognized for their outstanding dedication towards their students. I also have to say that so many of the staff have attended so many fundraisers outside of school with their busy schedules, lesson planning, their own kids' activities and they still manage to give of their time. This shows us how truly dedicated they are. We appreciate them!"

- Shepard Hills Parent

Mrs. Pearson with student"Ms. Pearson brings so much joy and inspiration to my daughter. She has a strong personality, and when she started 5K, it was amazing to me to see how much Eve thrived and loved being in her class. She LOVES Ms. Pearson, and when we are home, she is pretending to be a teacher, and doing all kinds of activities that she has learned by watching Ms. Pearson. It is so precious, and she is already telling us she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. It makes me so elated to see my daughter succeed in school, but to do it with such happiness, brings it to a whole other level. Ms. Pearson is truly special and an inspiration:)"

- Forest Ridge Parent

"I am not sure who gets credit, I'm sure it is both Ms.

Stipan and Ms. Klein

, but the change last night in my daughter was astonishing! She has a plan that she shared with me for her assignments, she wanted to share it with me by asking for help in accountability. She was taking a step forward with her attitude that she can climb out of darkness. I think with the assignment notebook she can visually see that she can reach her goals and it is not so overwhelming. I tried to support her last night with encouragement and will continue to be a better support in communication. She has been struggling not only in grades, but with relationships at home so thank you. I am so grateful to have you both in our lives to help."

- East Middle School Parent

"Ms. Stieber always answers my questions in a timely manner and she is so great with her class. My daughter absolutely loves her. She is what a first grade teacher is all about. I think she should be recognized for what a great job she does."

- Forest Ridge Parent

"Mrs. Golden takes the time to get to know her students & knows how to motivate them. I appreciate all her hard work! I feel like she really cares. She has built a positive relationship with my son which has helped engage him in & help him be successful in the classroom. I really appreciate her focus on building positive character traits!"

- East Middle School Parent

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