Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District

Student Fees

Student fees can be paid via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Click here to log into your Infinite Campus account.

Textbook Rental and Supply Fees
Early Childhood/4K$30.00
Grades K-5$50.00
Grades 6-8$60.00
Grades 9-12$65.00
High School Parking Fee$100.00
Driver Education$200.00
Classroom (Summer)$150.00
Rental School-owned Instruments$47.00
Summer School is based on course supply costs.

Activity Fees
High School Activity Fee$30.00
Middle School Activity Fee$15.00
Athletic Fee per Sport
Athletic Fee: $180 max per family, $120 max per student

Food Service Prices
Breakfast K-12$1.45
Elementary Lunch (K-5)$2.20
Secondary Lunch (6-12)
Premium Meal (6-12)$3.15
Chef Meal (6-12)$3.65
Milk K-12$0.40

*Updated June 2017