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An Oak Creek-Franklin Public School: Building Successful Futures Together

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Working together to engage, challenge and inspire every student every day.

  • Carollton engages students with exceptional learning experiences and caring support.
  • Carollton challenges students to think critically, collaborate, communicate, & create.
  • Carollton inspires students to set and achieve ever higher goals.


Carollton Elementary School is committed to building a community of life-long learners emphasizing creative thinking and problem solving. Individual differences are respected and success celebrated.

Core Values & Beliefs

Success of Every Student: Students should have many varied opportunities to learn, to achieve, and to celebrate success in & out of the classroom. We act on our belief that all students can learn anything.

Respect & Integrity: Communication and interaction among and between students, parents, employees, and community members should be defined by mutual respect, trust, and support. We celebrate our diverse community; differences enrich and strengthen us.

Continuous Improvement: We value continuous improvement through collaboration, shared leadership, & learning at all levels. Faculty, staff, administrators, parents, & students collaboratively evaluate our individual and collective progress & take action to improve.

High Expectations: Expectations are clearly defined, understood, and shared. Students, parents, and employees are empowered, supported, and trained to meet expectations. Successes are recognized and celebrated.

Teamwork: Education is a partnership among the community, parents, students, and school personnel; decisions are made with their input and participation. We work together to innovate and ensure student success in a supportive environment.

Safety: Schools and work sites must be safe and secure environments for students, parents, and employees - emotionally as well as physically.

School Improvement Goals 2018-19

  1. Every Carollton student in grades K-5 achieves his/her projected literacy growth on the STAR Assessment.

  2. Every Carollton student in grades 1-5 achieves his/her projected math growth on the STAR Assessment.

  3. Carollton Student Engagement Score increases from 4.29 to 4.34.

  4. Carollton Parent Satisfaction Score increases from 4.31 to 4.36.

  5. Carollton Employee Engagement Score increases from 3.97 to 4.07.

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8965 S Carollton Dr
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