Carollton Elementary School is committed to improving student achievement. Together, with the community, we will strive to meet our goals.

The elementary curriculum focuses on meeting state standards in the content areas of reading, language, math, science, and social studies. Students in Wisconsin are assessed on these content standards in fourth grade. Students are also assessed in reading and math in third and fifth grades. In addition, the elementary schools provide well-developed curricula in music, art, physical education, information and technology, and foreign language.

District Curriculum

In 1998, the state approved a set of academic standards for all students in Wisconsin public schools. These were signed by Governor Thompson and formally approved by local school boards throughout Wisconsin, including Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District's Board of Education.

The standards set a minimum level of achievement which we can expect for all students. Our challenge at the local district is to help ensure our students meet or exceed these standards.

Our teachers at each grade level in each subject area have identified specific skills, knowledge, and understanding our students should have by the end of each year.

Teacher with students

Art teacher and students