Welcome to Deerfield Elementary

An Oak Creek-Franklin public school

Building Successful Futures Together

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Working together to engage, challenge and inspire every student every day.

  • Deerfield engages students with exceptional learning experiences and caring support.
  • Deerfield challenges students to think critically, collaborate, communicate, & create.
  • Deerfield inspires students to set and achieve ever higher goals.



The staff, families, and community of Deerfield Elementary will inspire a passion for continuous learning with a commitment to excellence and the success of all learners, through collaborative efforts.


Core Values & Beliefs

  • Success of Every Student: Students should have many varied opportunities to learn, to achieve, and to celebrate success in & out of the classroom. We act on our belief that all students can learn anything.
  • Respect & Integrity: Communication and interaction among and between students, parents, employees, and community members should be defined by mutual respect, trust, and support. We celebrate our diverse community; differences enrich and strengthen us.
  • Continuous Improvement: We value continuous improvement through collaboration, shared leadership, & learning at all levels. Faculty, staff, administrators, parents, & students collaboratively evaluate our individual and collective progress & take action to improve.
  • High Expectations: Expectations are clearly defined, understood, and shared. Students, parents, and employees are empowered, supported, and trained to meet expectations. Successes are recognized and celebrated.
  • Teamwork: Education is a partnership among the community, parents, students, and school personnel; decisions are made with their input and participation. We work together to innovate and ensure student success in a supportive environment.
  • Safety: Schools and work sites must be safe and secure environments for students, parents, and employees - emotionally as well as physically.


2017-18 School Improvement Goals

  1. Literacy Goal: Deerfield’s median Student Growth Percentile (SGP) will remain at 65 or higher and the percent of students meeting proficiency will increase by 4% (from 54.1 to 58.1%).
  2. Math Goal: Deerfield’s Student Growth Percentile (SGP) will increase from 58 to 63 or higher and the percent of students meeting proficiency will increase by 4% (from 55% to 59%).
  3. Student Engagement Goal: Deerfield’s Student Engagement Score increases from 4.14 to 4.19.
  4. Parent Engagement Goal: Deerfield’s Parent Engagement Score increases from 4.23 to 4.28.
  5. Employee Engagement Goal: Deerfield’s Employee Engagement Score increases from 3.71 to 3.81.
Deerfield Elementary

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