Student & Family Assistant Program

Call 1-800-236-3231 to schedule any consultations, or to access other SFAP services.

A healthy home and family helps to nurture academic excellence. To promote healthy homes, minds and families, Deerfield Elementary School is proud to offer the Student and Family Assistance Program. The Student and Family Assistance Program (SFAP), sponsored by the Aurora Employee Assistance Program, is a FREE benefit provided to all K-12 Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District students and families. 

The SFAP is 100% confidential as specified by both state and federal laws. There is no cost to the student or family member for any services provided by the SFAP.

The SFAP offers in-person or phone consultations with Master’s level counselors. Families that use the SFAP can receive (up to) six consultations per issue. Many issues can generally be resolved within the SFAP itself. If other referrals are needed, your SFAP counselor will connect you to community resources and/or insurance-based providers.

SFAP may be able to help with a variety of life challenges, such as:

  • Worry/anxiety and depression
  • Academic pressures
  • Alcohol/drug issues
  • Divorce/blended families
  • Marital/relationship issues
  • Stress management
  • Parenting concerns and questions
  • Child/family issues

The following services are also available to help families address other issues that may impact their lives:

  • Adoption information
  • Child care information and referrals
  • Elder care information and referrals
  • Financial consultation
  • Legal consultation and mediation services
  • Unlimited access to website search forms, self-assessment tools, and wellness materials

Call 1-800-236-3231 to schedule any consultations, or to access other SFAP services. Mention you are an Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District family. A parent or legally responsible adult must call to schedule services through the SFAP.

For more information, please view the SFAP brochure and info card below.

SFAP Brochure

SFAP Info Card