Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District

Academic & Career Planning

The Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District is committed to providing a solid foundation for all students to be successful in their chosen path after graduation. To ensure graduates are college and career ready, Academic and Career Planning (ACP) is being implemented statewide for the 2018-19 school year for students in grades 6-12.

Why is ACP Beneficial?

Each student in the OCFJSD district will develop his/her own Academic and Career Plan (ACP). This plan is personalized according to each student’s unique interests, knowledge, and skills. The ACP builds upon the foundation laid during the elementary years. This process takes formal shape at the 6th grade level and is built upon in each subsequent year. Adult mentors (teachers, pupil services, parents, community partners) will help students utilize the experiences gained from previous years with the purpose of building a successful future for each student. The ACP plan supports our mission of working together to engage, challenge, and inspire every student, every day. The ACP plan also supports high credentials at the high school level.

What does it mean to be College and Career Ready?

  • Students understand their unique strengths and interests that align to a wide variety of future opportunities. (KNOW)
  • Students will develop knowledge, skills, and habits that will assist them in their future planning and readiness for post-secondary options. (EXPLORE)
  • Students have an integral part in the creation of a personal plan for goal attainment that provides flexibility based on individual preferences and experiences. (PLAN)
  • Students will be able to navigate both the world of higher education and employment to support a transition to post-secondary options. (GO)

What is expected at each grade level?

Large graphic showing steps 6 through 12

What is Career Cruising?

Students will use Career Cruising to assist them in gathering and creating their own unique vision for their post-secondary success. Career Cruising is a comprehensive online program allowing students to collaborate with school counselors, teachers, and parents to develop their Academic and Career Plan.

Students will have opportunities to work in a variety of environments including small group, individual and whole class scenarios that will assist them in the creation of artifacts for their individual portfolio.

Get started with Career Cruising: https://public.careercruising.com/en/home/

Career Cruising Login using your Google Account


Understanding Academic & Career Planning

For more information, click to view the Understanding Academic & Career Planning presentation.  If you have questions about Academic & Career Planning, contact your school counselor. 

What are employers saying about candidates they are looking for in various fields?

More than ever, post-secondary options are about the “right fit” for students.  ACP is about helping students and families plan, as much as possible, for that fit.