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Employee Assistance Program

The district provides all employees and their family members an opportunity to address a wide range of family, health, work place and personal issues.  The Employee Assistance Program is provided through FEI.  Simply go to their website at www.feieap.com or call (800) 236-7905 or (414) 256-4800.

User name:  oakfran

No Password is necessary

FEI Workplace Resilience provides the following:

•  24/7 Assistance
•  Free and confidential service
•  Over the phone or in-person assistance
•  Available to employees and their family          members





Employee Benefits


Frequently Used Resources

Infinite Campus - Home Access for Infinite Campus Gradebook

Skyward - Payroll information & check stubs

Skyward Directions - How to view your paycheck

Alio Employee Portal - Contact Karen Wolfram at k.wolfram@ocfsd.org for 2016 or earlier payroll data.

Absence Manager/Teachers on Call (AESOP/TOC) - Report absences & request a substitute

Absence Manager/Teachers On Call (AESOP/TOC)  - Employee Guide

Absence Manager/Teachers on Call -  Campus User Guide for School Office Staff

Absence Manager/Teachers on Call User Guide for School Administrators

EEP - Teacher evaluation

STAR Renaissance Link (updated)

ION - Student Data Warehouse

Maintenance Requests - Submit requests for maintenance

IT Requests - Submit requests for IT help

Xello - Login using your Google Account

Classroom Learning System Website

Curriculum Resources for Teachers -This link is a list of common online resources for teachers that align to our curriculum

Assistive Technology - Learn about the tools available and access the student referral form.

Other Resources

BYOC - Build Your Own Curriculum- Log in here to access your own classes, make changes and updates

BYOC- Build Your Own Curriculum-Educator Resources- Log in here to view District Intervention Resources, technology instructions and other OCFSD curriculum information.

Copy Center - Submit jobs to the copy center. Login using the username and password for computer login.

Curriculum Resources for Teachers -This link is a list of common online resources for teachers that align to our curriculum

Destiny - Browse the library of your school

Gmail Access - Access to school email, for instructions on how to activate it click here

In-Check - Access to volunteer database

Remote Access - Teacher access to the T:drive and H:drive