Cabinet Administrators

Photo of Tim Culver
Tim Culver

Photo of Lisa Kujawa

Lisa Kujawa
Assistant Superintendent
Continuous Improvement of Student Learning

Photo of Dan Unertl

Daniel Unertl, Esq.
Assistant Superintendent
Performance Excellence and Operations

Andrew Chromy, SFO, CSRM
Chief Business and Finance Officer

Photo of Troy Hamblin
Troy Hamblin
Director of Human Resources

Photo of Chris Bennin
Chris Bennin
Information Technology Manager

Photo of Annalee Bennin
Annalee Bennin
Director of Curriculum and Assessment

Photo of Ted Gennerman

Ted Gennerman
Director of Student Services

Heather Ryan
Youth Programs Coordinator

Larry Savage
Buildings & Grounds Manager

Knight Vision Blog

The district blog, Knight Vision, is an ongoing collection of news and views from the leaders of the Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District. The purpose of this blog is to share different perspectives, experiences and information from the various departments within our district.