Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District

School Safety

Schools take care, for a few brief hours every day, of the most important people in our worlds.  In Oak Creek we have strong partnerships: our parents care, our staff is prepared and committed, and our children come to school wanting to do their best. 

Safety Procedures & Protocols

Our primary focus will always be the safety of our learners.  We have plans and protocols in place to prepare our schools for various types of situations and to keep our students safe.

Reporting Concerns

Please discuss with your student the expectation to tell a trusted adult (in person, through email, or with STOPit) as soon as possible if he or she EVER hears or sees anything that is inappropriate in any way.  As our partners the police always stress, “If you see or hear something, say something.”  Please help us by reinforcing this important message. In addition, it’s important to talk with your children about safety at school and the importance of following instructions in the event of an emergency.

There are different ways for students, families, and community members to report concerns, including:

Tell a trusted adult in person, through email, or with the STOPit app.  The STOPit app gives students the ability to anonymously report any inappropriate behavior directly to a school administrator. 

Complete the bullying reporting form which can be found on the Bully Policy and Procedures page of the District website. 

Contact the Oak Creek Police Department for an immediate reportse if something happens outside of the school day.