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Mrs. Dorlack has been doing an amazing job keeping her class interacting and learning new lessons virtually! She is patient, kind and so helpful all through the computer screen letting each student know they are not alone while she acknowledges every question and comment and keeping everyone on task! Thank you Mrs. Dorlack for keeping virtual learning fun and the students so engaged! You are a wonderful addition to our Carollton family and my 4th grader is so proud to be your student!  - Carollton Parent

A huge shout out to Mr. Schiffer for making science virtually fun for his 6th graders! It's great to see my kids smiling and laughing as they are learning! My kids enjoy his lessons and I can't thank him enough for the time he takes to let our kids know they "matter" ! Keep doing what your doing Mr. Schiffer and making a difference in our family (and others) with all of your virtual lessons!  - EMS Parent

Mrs. Duerkop was incredibly patient and understanding when my son and multiple other students had internet issues while trying to complete a 1st grade math test during virtual school.  - Carollton Parent

I would like to recognize Ms. Hunt for being such a dedicated teacher. This has been such a difficult time of adjustment for not only students, but also teachers and there is never a moment where I don't feel supported in her class. I know there is always offers for extra help and thorough teaching of all materials given! - OCHS Student

I just would like to thank Mr. Kenwood for all the many things that he does to support the students and families at Carollton. He does a wonderful job connecting with the students, from greeting them with a big smile at morning drop off, to sending morning announcements out through remote learning and always taking the time to listen to them. I appreciate all that he does to help families stay informed of what is going on. I feel like before I can ask a question he has already posted a Dojo message with the answer. I know all the extra work you are putting in this year and I truly appreciate all you do. Carollton is lucky to have you!  - Carollton Parent

Ms. Schmidt.  Thank you for going above and beyond to support our son as he recovers from an injury! The care, compassion and understanding you are showing him is truly AMAZING! We fell so extremely grateful that you are his teacher! Thank you!!!  - Forest Ridge Parent

Mrs. Arens, thank you for taking your time tonight to answer my many questions; for caring about our student and for reassuring me of her safety! I appreciate the great job you are doing leading OC West and am grateful for your care and concern! - WMS Parent

Mr. Pontus is amazing. He always looks out for students and has time for students and parents. Thank you Forest Ridge is a great school. The staff is great. - Forest Ridge Parent

Our family is giving Ms Barlow a shout out for doing a great job with our daughter. She loves going to school every day and you did a lot for her thank you so much.  - Forest Ridge Family

What AMAZING teachers we have that we are so very thankful for! As virtual learning continues to present challenges, Ms. Barriere and Ms. McCaigue have been able to identify these issues immediately and intervene in real time. This week was especially rough for us and Ms. Barriere immediately reached out to setup an additional meet for our daughter with herself, Mr. Bersch and her teacher from last year, Ms. Barker. It immediately put a smile on her face to not focus on the challenges she was experiencing with virtual learning, but rather talk to them as if she was just seeing them at school. We are so very appreciative to all of them for the extra time they have given to provide some normalcy in extremely unnormal times. - Shepard Hills Parent

Sue Thompson is a true team player pitching in wherever she is needed! And a huge shout out to the teachers for being so quick and helpful in their responses to us parents on the first day of school!! Even going so far as giving a call to say, "Hi and how did the first day go?" Also to the patient office team fielding all the calls - Way to go EMS staff!! - EMS Parent

Ms. Haslbeck is such a sweet and caring teacher. Our son struggles with school but working one on one with her allows him to relax and learn. Ms. Haslbeck takes the time to encourage students and she makes each student feel important. She goes out of her way to look for ideas that might help her students that are struggling. We are so thankful to have Ms. Haslbeck as our son's special education teacher! She is a blessing and no words can express how much we appreciate everything she has done for him.  - Meadowview Parent

Ms. Kasar has worked so hard to help the special education students at Carollton both during the Covid closure in spring and now during the virtual start. She is such a kind, caring teacher.  - Carollton Parent

Mrs. Wisnewski did a good job at teaching virtually. Mrs. Wisnewski's stellar communication skills helped this year get off to a great start. Thanks for everything!  - Forest Ridge Parent & Student

Mrs. Hennessy has such a user friendly google classroom and made all students feel welcome. It was a great first day! Thanks Mrs. Hennessy!  - Carollton Parent

Day one of virtual learning was so organized! The teachers did a great job. My child easily got online and was engaged during her class. Thanks for all the work you have put in to make it a successful first day.  - WMS Parent

First day of school and the first day of virtual learning went off without a hitch for my daughter. She was very reluctant to start the year like last year ended...virtually. The start of the school year already shows better results for my daughter. She liked that there was a teacher giving the lesson/expectations for virtual learning. Also liked that, for the most part, she could see the other students in her classes and interact with them and the teacher.   - Oak Creek High School Parent

Thank you so much Ms. Wroblewski for making the first day of virtual kindergarten so smooth! You did an amazing job of engaging the kids and keeping the parents involved and informed. We were so anxious as to how "virtual kindergarten" was going to go, and I can already tell this will be a great start to this year. We're ready to roll with the punches and we have your back during this crazy journey. Thank you!   - Edgewood Parent

East Middle School Admin Team. Thank you for all of your assistance with getting prepared for school this year. From a broken chromebook, to a missing workbook you guys did everything in your power to make sure we had a great first day. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!  - East Middle School Parent

Mrs. Rutter. Where do we begin? She is AMAZING!! She is so engaging, inviting, genuinely caring and enthusiastic. We appreciate all she does and is doing to make all of her students feel important and heard/seen. We love her! Thank YOU!!   - Meadowview Parent

Ms. Biedenbender is by far the best teacher ever in my experience. Such a nice and helpful teacher. I was a 5th grade student in her class also a school ambassador, some of the students at school would sometimes make me feel unwelcome. But i would always go to school knowing that my teacher was Ms biedenbender. Not only did she help me with school, but with grief that I had over the death of my father. Ms b, if you see this I mean this 100% And thanks for being my teacher. I HOPE ANY FUTURE 5th GRADERS GO TO YOUR CLASS!!!  - Forest Ridge Student

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