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I love Mrs. Ross because I love her so much and she’s so nice. -4K Student

I love Mrs. Di Vilio because she is so nice to me! - 4K Student

My freshman really loves having (Ms. Tyrcha) as a teacher!!  He frequently comes home and tells me funny stories of things that have happened in class or ways that you have connected with him.  Last night as he was struggling with binomials and quadratic equations- and my brain just couldn't even understand what he was trying to figure out (I may need a Algebra 1 brush up)- he felt confident in going in and asking questions.  You have made him feel safe to not know an answer, but also responsible for seeking help to find it.  That is difficult to do with a teen- so I am very grateful that you are that person for him! - NGC Parent

Ms. E is so nice. She plans fun stuff to do with us. I love kindergarten! - Carollton Student

Ms. Reuteman is new to Deerfield this year, but she's made such an impact on our kiddo. My daughter has adored her class. She has a great teacher and role model this year. We are so grateful! - Deerfield Parent

Ms. Maultra is an amazing teacher and I'm so glad I had her this school year! - East Middle School Student

I am so impressed with Mrs. Mann as a young teacher. She handled our parent teacher conferences perfectly, she is easy to communicate with, and our daughter has loved her as a teacher. Teaching is EXCEPTIONALLY hard right now, and I am so grateful that we have young people doing the job well. Thank you! - Meadowview Parent

Ms. Kubicek always makes students feel welcome and helps us the best she can, even though math is really hard sometimes. She never gives up on students or makes them feel dumb for not understanding. She lets us in on her outside of school life, will talk about her dog and why she is absent sometimes, allowing us to feel like more than just a student, but a friend as well. She also supports students mental health and is there for you when you need her to be. More than just a good teacher, but also an amazing person to be around. Makes math fun and rewarding as well. - OCHS Student

I truly enjoyed working with such a dedicated staff and caring principal. Thank you! -Former Carollton Teacher (retired)

Mr Pontus is the kind of principal that just stands out.   He loves his job and it shows. Having a kiddo that requires extra or special attention. It’s hard enough, but when the staff make them feel like they’re one in a million- THAT is what makes them special.    Mr Pontus does just that.   His adept knowledge of how to read kiddos and evaluate situations is just unmatched and we are so thankful for everything he does. - Forest Ridge Staff Member

Shout out to Senor Grochowski for always supporting my son, Brody. Spanish is not an easy subject to learn, but with this teacher's patience, my son has picked up the subject matter with much more ease! Thank you for all you do to support my son in the classroom! Muchas Gracias Sr. Grochowski! - East Middle School Parent

 Thank you so much to Ms. Benfield for her continuous support of my son! Really appreciate her efforts throughout the long school year! - East Middle School Parent

Mr. Fassbender has a gift of being able to connect with the students as a respected leader and mentor. I have seen the positive influence he makes on students and volleyball players. He encourages and challenges students to learn and improve. High School students (my daughter included) return to West just to talk to him. That shows a lasting impact. I feel very fortunate that both of my children have been blessed with him as a teacher. And I am thankful that Megan had Mr. Fassbender as a volleyball coach; he set the bar high for all school and club coaches to live up to. Mr. Fassbender, thank you! - West Middle School Parent

 I'd like to shout out Katie Bartelme from West Middle School. She is the Director of the West Theater program. This weekend she put together an amazing show with many talented kids from West. I can't imagine the countless hours and hard work required to put this together! As a parent, I am so grateful that she is so dedicated to the arts, running the only OC middle school theater program! Thank you, Ms. Bartelme, for your hard work, commitment to these kids, and dedication to keeping the arts alive in OC. - West Middle School Parent

I would like to recognize Steve Agg and his amazing automobile students. I took my car in for a few repairs and within a few days the car was back and driving like a brand new vehicle. I think this program is a great way for students looking to enter that field after they complete their high school experience at Oak Creek. Thank you for a job well done. - OCHS Parent

Mr. Schiffer always has a smile on his face, and has funny jokes to share to all of his students. He engages his students to learn in a very fun way, and overall my favorite teacher in the school. He inspires every student every day. - EMS Student

Thank you to Ms. Zemlicka, Ms. Thiry, Ms. Dian & the entire K5 special ed team at Forest Ridge elementary school for always being so helpful, responsive, and truly invested in my son's everyday success in academics and daily living skills. Really appreciate and value it. Thanks for being a part of his education and exciting learning journey. - Forest Ridge Parent

I would like to commend Ms. Kristen Honore on her work with my band student at Empower. When many of us are looking forward to the weekend, Ms. Honore is hard at work all day at Solo and Ensemble. Her dedication and sense of humor with middle school students is unparalleled. Coming from a parent who knows nothing about music, I appreciate her ability to assist my daughter in preparing for the performance today. When I asked my daughter to tell me something about Ms. Honore, she said, "She's the kind of band teacher I want to be."
Thank you, Ms. Honore, for the time, talent, inspiration, and excitement you bring to your job; it does not go unnoticed! - Empower Academy Parent

Huge shout out to all the staff at Carollton in keeping the kids safe and calm during the power outage. As a parent I feel relieved and comforted to know that my child was safe. Managing the situation could not have been easy but none of that was felt by my son which is a huge accomplishment for the staff. Great job! - Carollton Parent

Mr. Fassbender was always my favorite teacher all during middle school (25 years ago). - Former West Middle School Student

She is very kind and when I am sad or mad she comes in the room and she makes me smile every time her and mrs kaiser are my two favorite teachers she gives us lots of compliments in just one day so thank you so much mrs p! - Shepard Hills Student

I am a student of Mrs. Kaiser class and I love being in her class she is aways nice to everyone and she never needs to yell. She helps everyone in my class and helps everyone understand how to solve a problem. She also made us bags with our names on them for Christmas. And I just love being in her class. - Shepard Hills Student

I am a student in Mrs. Kaiser's class. She is very understanding when I get stressed out in math she helps me learn different strategies to be successful. She is always very kind to everyone in the class and doesn't yell to get our attention. She even has past students line up outside her door to say hello. When I was a new student to Shepard Hills I was scared but she welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. At Christmas time she made a gift for the entire class. She is one of the best teachers in the world. I want to say thank you to Mrs. Kaiser! - Shepard Hills Student

Thank you to all our custodians, especially the ones that take the time to shine up the cafeterias after our kids at lunch time!! (Oh, if kids were graded on lunch!) We appreciate all you do and your work to keep our schools clean! - EMS Staff member

Ms. Meyle has been extremely supportive to my son and our family. She is someone my son feels comfortable talking to and asking for help from. She pushes him to do his best and is always finding ways to help him be successful in her classroom. She goes above and beyond to form bonds with her students and is tuned in to their needs. We are so grateful for you!!! - EMS Family

Ms. Ceaglske has been such an amazing teacher to my daughter so far! Paisleigh RAVES about how she loves her teacher everyday. After leaving a toxic school, we were extremely worried. This was hands down the best decision we've ever made for Paisleigh!!! - Carollton Family

Ms. Pulford is my favorite teacher! - EMS Student

Ms. Edminster, Thank you for being such a great teacher to our kiddo. You are so patient and kind. We appreciate all you do!! - Carollton Parent

Mrs. Di Vilio, Thank you for being so amazing and kind to our kids. You are seriously the best!! You made this transition to 4K so easy. We appreciate you! - 4K Parent

It was a pleasure to work with such a hard working and dedicated staff. - Former Carollton Teacher

Ms. Quillin sets up stuff that is fun to do! - OCHS Student

Thank you to Mr. Grams for always being so responsive and truly invested in student success. It is much appreciated. - OCHS Parent

Ms. Dorlack was the best elementary teacher I had. Keep helping kids. - Carollton Student

Kim Schoen is GREAT to work with! She is working hard to inventory our student resources at Edgewood and to make sure the students there have everything they need. She has been a wonderful teammate in this process! - OCFSD Employee


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