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Extra loud shout out to Ms. Leannais, who at the drop of the hat worked with my son Ethan on Chemistry this year. Just when we felt we didn't have anyone else to turn to, Leannais stepped up devoting her "free" time to help him one on one. Because of her guidance, he did not give up. We cannot say enough about Ms. Leannais. Just her time and attention to assisting him when he needed it most made him feel like he mattered. It made us feel like we mattered as a family. Thank you Ms. Leannais! - OCHS Parent

To Mrs. Sell. Your dedication, love, and enthusiasm make the students feel special and loved. Thanks for making a difference in my daughter's life. - East Middle School Parent

Thank you to Mr. Johnson at East Middle School. He has done a great job. All the kids love him as a teacher. - OC Community Member

Kudos to the OCHS lunch ladies, organizing the kitchen, keeping the lunch lines moving quickly and smoothly and 4-5 of you wiping down 30-60(?) tables every time between each lunch shift! You work quickly, kindly and are so efficient! We appreciate you keeping our kids moving along to get fed in a clean cafeteria! Thank you for all your work each day! - OCHS Parent

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