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"Mrs. Henneberry has been so awesome with my 3 year old currently in her speech therapy program. She diagnosed him with Apraxia of Speech and in just a short 5 months, he has improved tremendously!!! She is the nicest most genuine teacher I have dealt with for him."

- Edgewood Parent


"I just want to say thanks to all my wonderful colleagues at Edgewood. They are a great group of caring, thoughtful and hard working staff. I am proud and grateful to be working with my friends."

- Edgewood Staff Member


"Ms. E has a heart of gold. She loves each of her students as her own and will go above and beyond to see each of them succeed. In the beginning of the year she made sure to meet with Parents and wanted to know about my Son (what an amazing teacher- I don't know any teacher that does that!) She has a very inviting classroom for a fun place to learn. My son has already had the chance to participate in 2 in-class activities that he still talks about today. Lifelong memories that he will have forever! Ms. E has also been receptive and takes the time out of her busy schedule for any parental concerns I have. Thank you Ms. E for always making time for communication! She knows my son and how he ticks. Thank you Ms. E for being an amazing teacher to my child and his friends/classmates and making learning FUN! I am forever grateful and so is my husband!"

- Carollton Parent


"Shout out to all of the amazing school psychologists who I have the privilege to work with! You are some of the most dedicated, caring, and passionate people that give your everything to better the district, our schools, and most importantly our students! Happy School Psychology Awareness Week and thank you for all you do!"

- Oak Creek-Franklin Staff Member



"I was invited to a Fall Choral Music Concert by my granddaughter on October 24th. The music chosen for the concert was beautiful and I enjoyed the gift of their voices by so many talented students.  Many thanks to the Conductors and the Accompanist who shared their love of music for all whose lives they touched!"

- Oak Creek High School Grandparent


"Ms. Pacetti and Mr. Dubbs are the most dedicated teachers I have ever had. You can tell how much they love their job and how much time and effort they put into working with us. They work so hard on making us advanced singers and making the choir room a safe place."

- Oak Creek High School Student


"Mr. T-Bob does an awesome job engaging the kids. My daughter came home from school telling me about the VR glasses they used to learn about cells. She thought it was really cool! I love that he does things to make biology interesting to young kids."

- Oak Creek High School Parent 


"Mr. Pontus always puts his students first! He's an exceptional leader who shows boundless energy and passion for what he does. He makes sure students feel cared for, safe, and nurtured in order to get them on the right track to begin to learn."

- Forest Ridge Staff Member


"Well Happy Principals Month!! Mrs. Rezner always has a smile on her face, gives pleasant responses to questions and was even present at Friday's Halloween Bash, checking out all the cool costumes and chatting with people. She really seems to care about the students and families."

- Meadowview Parent


"Debbie went above and beyond at the close of last year and over the summer assisting with a number of modifications to the Infinite Campus portal. It made the changes in our family structure more bearable! She was diligent in following up to ensure all changes were made correctly & prior to the start of the new school year in Sept."

- Oak Creek-Franklin Parent


"Josh Dewsenberry is always polite and helpful in our discussions and emails. He has a positive attitude and never makes you feel like you are imposing on his time! Thanks Josh."

- Oak Creek-Franklin Staff Member 


"StaceyMcKendry keeps her cool when working with difficult parents. She seeks resolution to problems without alienating relationships that have been built."

- Oak Creek High School Staff Member


"Kim Leannis is a positive asset in our building. She is great at building relationships with staff, students and parents. She is always looking for ways to improve our school."

- Oak Creek High School Staff Member


"Happy Principals month, Ted Lambrukos! Thank you for all your efforts with our most needy students."

- Oak Creek High School Staff Member


"Happy Principals month! Thank you for always being available. You do a great job."

- Oak Creek High School Staff Member


"I just want to give a HUGE shout out to Ms. Labonte, Ms. Curry, and Ms. Gorzek. They have helped me so much with everything and continue to help me. They have made such a difference in my life and the way I think and react to situations. They are always patient and caring and make time for people even if their day is already full. They try and do ANYTHING they can to help people and do whatever they can to make it better or find a solution. I just cannot believe how amazing, caring, strong, and just overall kind people they are. Thank you so much!!"

- Oak Creek High School Student

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