Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District

Mrs Springman is creative, energetic, and pays attention to detail! We love how she is in contact with the parents and consistently posts photos. Our daughter had a great experience starting school because of her and she will be missed :) - Cedar Hills Parent

Ms. Brownell has been an amazing teacher and took over the first grade classroom with ease. She continues to keep up with communications and making the kids feel important. Thank you for all you do! - Cedar Hills Parent

When a student such as my daughter, Gabriella comes home and expresses to her mom’s that Mrs. Navarro has a way of showing students how to learn math in a simplistic way, parents are thankful  and appreciative. She has a way of connecting with her students, and it shows based upon what Gabriella tells her moms.. Math is one of Gabriella‘s more favorable classes this year. - EMS Parent

Mrs. Milroy, Mrs. Pulford, Mrs. Mihalek, and Mrs. Thompson, Thanks for a great support of our son with ASD who just move to the new country which speaks different language. And for understanding of his special needs and strange behaviors. - EMS Parent

We cannot express enough gratitude to the wonderful Mrs. Jacobson for her extraordinary dedication and passion in nurturing young minds. Mrs. Jacobson, your unwavering commitment and enthusiasm as a teacher have not only significantly boosted Breezy's academic performance but have also made you an unforgettable role model in her life. Your ability to connect with students and your extraordinary knack for making complex subjects understandable and exciting have sparked a genuine love for learning in Breezy. She comes home brimming with stories of the day's lessons and is always eager to share what you've taught her. This transformative experience is a testament to your remarkable teaching abilities. Thank you, Mrs. Jacobson, from the bottom of our hearts, for not just educating but truly enriching Breezy['s life. Your influence extends beyond the classroom walls, and we are so thankful for the care, patience, and love you have shown. You are more than a teacher; you are a beacon of light and hope in our child[?]s educational journey. Your impact will undoubtedly be a lasting one. Thank you for being such an inspiring figure and for all the hard work you put into every single day. You are truly appreciated!  - WMS Parent

Mrs. Springman, you are so patient and kind with your kindergarten students. You were born to be a teacher! Thanks for all you do! :) - Cedar Hills Parent 

Miss Brownell has made this school year a great success for our daughter. Thank you for keeping it challenging for her so she didn't lose focus! - Cedar Hills Parent

Mrs VanDam is a fantastic teacher!  She finds ways to connect with the kids that helps him want to learn. Thank you for being an advocate for him and being a part of his success! - Cedar Hills Parent

We would like to recognize Ms. Cairo. She is very kind and great at communicating. We are very happy she got to work with our daughter this year. Thank you for all you do!  - EMS Parent 

Mr. Lozer accepted Kayden into his class at the last minute and we are so thankful he did! He has been inspirational, encouraging, and supportive of her every single day! He makes learning fun and keeps her interested and wanting to learn. I am so happy she was able to spend her last year at Shepard Hills with such an awesome teacher!! - Shepard Hills Parent

We would like to recognize the teachers and all of the staff, especially those who supervise trips abroad and those who are involved in extra-curricular activities: concerts, sports, plays, etc. We see you at high school events during your weekends and on many evenings. Thank you for going above and beyond and for sacrificing so much of your personal time. We appreciate your dedication and devotion to teaching our students. - OCHS Parent

I am no longer a student (haven't been for a while now) but when I was in 5th grade at Meadowview I had Mr. Asala as my teacher and he will forever be my favorite teacher that I have ever had. He was and I am sure still is an amazing teacher and someone to look up to. He was able to connect with each student and was just an amazing mentor overall. I now work at a childcare in the area and seen him recently at a bus drop off and knew who I was instantly and made sure to ask how my parents were. It just goes to show how much he cares about current and past students and their families. His passion for teaching and helping children grow does not go unnoticed! Thank you Mr. Asala! - Meadowview Student

Mr. Schiffer created a love in science for my daughter. He made learning fun always!!! Made my daughter look forward to science. Made students excited about learning. He made the time fly for class when he was her teacher. She wishes he was her science teacher this year!! He made the classroom fun and enjoyable!!! - EMS Parent

Mrs. McCoy always goes above and beyond for her students & is always looking for new ways to get and keep her students engaged in learning. She is such an asset to OCFSD & we are lucky to have her teaching our kids! Thank you, Mrs. McCoy for all you do! - Forest Ridge Parent

Ms. Mosgaller is not only an incredible ELA teacher but the care and compassion that she shows for her students extends beyond the classroom. She gives her time afterschool for organized club meetings and never hesitates to share positive notes and phone calls home about when students shine in the learning spaces with her. She is a wonderful asset to our community and we are so lucky to have her working with our student. - EMS Parent

I have had the distinct honor of knowing Ashley Leonardi from when she was a student in my classroom as a sophomore. Back then she was always sweet, kind, and hard working. I now have the privilege of having her teach my 4th grader. I can still attest to her kind nature and generous heart. She consistently has innovative ideas to deliver the content all while demonstrating her deep commitment to the students. Thank you, Ashley, for your devotion and ingenuity with what can be a tough age group. Your hard work does not go unnoticed! - Carollton Parent

Thank you to Mrs. Wanninger for making Lego League and STEM club so much for for our son. He has learned so much because of the opportunity to join these groups. - OCFSD Parent

Mr. Kailing has being a great teacher to our daughter. She has learned so much during this school year. She is happy having him as her 3rd grade teacher.
Thank you. - Cedar Hills Parent

Mrs. Breznik, as we reflect on the blessings in our lives, we feel compelled to reach out and express the deep appreciation we hold for you. You have been more than a teacher to Zaynah; you have been a guiding light, a source of unwavering support and kindness, and truly one of the most remarkable influences in her life.Your unique ability to see and nurture the potential within each child is nothing short of inspiring. You have not only enriched her mind but have also touched her heart in ways that will be cherished forever. Your dedication goes beyond the call of duty, and it is evident in the joy Zaynah brings home every day—she is a reflection of your wonderful impact.We are endlessly grateful for your presence in our lives, and for all the moments large and small that you turn into opportunities for growth and joy. Thank you for being such a significant figure in Zaynah's journey. You are cherished more than words can express. - Cedar Hills Parent

Where to begin. Mrs. Van Dam is the type of teacher I loved having as a child. She creates a safe, positive, engaging classroom that allows the students to be themselves and spread their wings. Throughout the school year I have watched Jenna come home with a smile on her face and a head full of new knowledge that she gladly shares with me. That doesn't come from a teacher skating by or doing the bare minimum. That is the result of a teacher who goes above and beyond. Teachers as a whole are a group that is undervalued, under appreciated, and most importantly UNDERPAID. These are individuals that spend just as much time with our children than we do. They have a role in shaping our children just as much, if not more, as the parents. So, Mrs. Van Dam, from the bottom of my heart thank you for everything you have done for Jenna. I have had the privilege of watching her over this past year grow up and become a better daughter, a better student, and just a better person. I have no doubt that is a direct result of your constant care. So from the bottom of my heart thank you, and know that all the effort you put in on a daily basis is noticed by others. Thank you. - Cedar Hills Parent

Mrs. Springman made our little guy feel safe and so welcomed. She is always willing to go an extra mile to make sure that her students are growing and constantly learning. Forever grateful for all the hard work she has put in with our little guy. - Cedar Hills Parent

I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to Ms. E and her incredible teaching style.  Every single day she shows up for our kids and loves them like they are her own.  She makes learning fun and makes kids in turn LOVE school.  We are so blessed to have her and all of her talents.  She was truly born to be a kindergarten teacher!! -Carolton Parent

Mrs. Magana is so amazing in her interactions with and advocating for all of our students at Carollton.  She has successfully run the Girls On The Run program for years and helped our girls learn so many foundational concepts about life.  Thank you for all you do!! - Carollton Parent

Mrs. Sorrell is an amazing 4K teacher. She is caring. fun and my daughter looks forward to going to school every day. I’m so glad my child has such an encouraging and enthusiastic teacher. - 4K Parent, Deerfield

Mrs. Piper is truly one of the best teachers in the district. She is so patient, caring and simply the most amazing educators at Deerfield Elementary. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our kids! - Deerfield Parent

This afternoon a grandparent called the office, he comes from a family of teachers, and his grandson is a fifth grade band student. The gentleman and his wife watched the Festival of the Bands concert and wanted to express their gratitude and appreciation to Superintendent Thielen for his involvement, participation and presentation at the concert. He explained how refreshing and reassuring it was to see a superintendent so involved, particularly at the student level. He continued to express the positivity Superintendent Thielen's presence and engagement reflected on the district. The gentleman, who chose not to leave his name, asked me to relay just how meaningful Superintendent Thielen's "showing up" was. As an employee, I agree. We are lucky to have an engaged, caring, personable, and involved leader! - OCFSD Grandparent

Blaise has been a huge help to me when I have questions how the Edgewood PTO can work best either the district and helping make everything run smoothly. Great asset to the district and community. - Edgewood Parent

Sell and Frank, her special education teachers, alongside Ahrens, her 8th-grade social studies teacher, have gone above and beyond to understand our daughter's unique needs and provide unwavering support. Their dedication to her well-being and academic success has been nothing short of remarkable. - EMS Parents

Huge shoutout to Mrs. Palm for all the behind the scenes work she does for Round Table Robotics. She pays attention to details often "picking up the pieces" when students and other mentors have accomplished their goals. Dani is calm and so, so patient with RTR students. She is has but such an asset to the RTR family and we appreciate her so much. - RTR Parent

JP Cullen has been working with the High School and their Youth Apprenticeship program. Today, our Superintendent sent along this message giving Mr Lonegran a kudos: Matt Lonergan is the tech ed teacher form Oak Creek that I have been working with hiring youth apprentices. The program that he is running down has been a great feeder of getting kids ready for the work force. In the last 3 years of hiring YA’s we have hired 3 of the 4 as full time carpenter apprentices and the other wants to get into project management. Not sure if there is anything like this but it would be nice to show him some recognition of the great work he’s doing with these kids. - JP Cullen

It is obvious that Ms. Mitchell is passionate about her job. She always puts forth 100% to look out for the best interests of her students. I can tell that she genuinely cares about her students and wants them to succeed. I appreciate everything about Ms. Mitchell and she should be recognized for her outstanding efforts. Oak Creek school district is lucky to have her and I am lucky to have her as one of my child’s teachers. Huge thank you to Ms. Mitchell for everything she does. - High School Parent

Ms. E goes above and beyond to create an amazing experience for her students. She makes learning fun and engaging. My girls love going to school every day! Kindergarten has been such an amazing experience for them. Ms. E is an absolute gem! - Carollton Parent

Kim is a workbook and materials guru for Edgewood! Her understanding of the process and her organization helps get workbooks (and CKLA readers) into the hands of teachers and students in an efficient manner. This is all on top of all her other responsibilities as clerk. As a bonus, when I get a call from Kim, I know that I'm going to get to laugh. She takes her job seriously, but also interjects a good dose of levity. - District Staff Member

Connie did an amazing job putting together the 4K/5K registration resource fair. The day was wonderful and well received by everyone that attended. - District Staff Member

Shout out to Ms. Marty for hosting yoga once per week during Go Time. Both of my daughters enjoy and appreciate that time each week. - OCHS Parent

Mrs. Miller is a wonderful 4K teacher who makes the school day magical for the children! She has a positive classroom atmosphere and my daughter looks forward to school every day. Thank you for always being kind, patient, and hard working! :) We value you! - Meadowview 4K Parent

Mr. Lozer is an absolutely amazing teacher! He goes above and beyond. His communication with the parents is top notch. He keeps the kids interested in topics and is always connecting with them. I can't speak highly enough of how great of a teacher he is! This is the first year my son has truly enjoyed going to school every day and it's all because of Mr. Lozer! - Shepard Hills Parent

Mr. Fassbender is an amazing teacher! He has taught me so much and is always so sweet! He’s really funny and cares about others! He treats everyone fairly and always has something inspiring and motivating to say whenever I see him!! - WMS Student

Mr Grams has been such a positive coach and team member to my son and his education. If my son needed help, Mr Grams stepped up and helped him as much as possible to ensure he passed his classes. And on the field he is a great team player for the football team. - OCHS Parent


Karen Wolfram has donated hours and hours to help bring our new high school employee up to speed on all related budgeting and accounting processes. She has been such a great resource and someone we call regularly to assist us. - OCFSD Staff Member

I would love to recognize the EMS Librarian, Mrs.Matthews, for many reasons. Mrs. Matthews is a fantastic teacher who is very kind and affectionate towards her students. She always is there for students, and is a very caring individual. She is the best teacher I could ever ask for! - EMS Student


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