Employee Shout Outs

"I have a daughter in 5th grade and son in 3rd. I volunteer there (at Forest Ridge) every week, and can say that this school's staff are absolutely amazing. Mr. Mittag is wonderful as well as the school secretaries. My children's teachers, as well as the other teachers I've encountered, are nothing but supportive and caring. The encouragement they give to the students is outstanding! And most importantly, safety and organization is top notch. Keep up the great work Forest Ridge Staff!!!"

- Forest Ridge Parent

"Mrs. Wallin is always so positive with her biology classes and is always eager to review multiple times, answer any questions we have, or learning in new and creative ways. Her positivity throughout the day is something I will never forget about her. She’s kind and comes around one by one making sure we understand what we’re learning which is something that no other teacher I have does. Thank you for everything you do, Mrs. Wallin!"

- OCHS Student

Ms. Shadd with four students

"Ms. Shadd has been an incredible teacher for my daughter this year. From the moment you meet her, you can instantly tell how much she cares for her students. She sends home notes, utilizes Class Dojo and effectively communicates with parents and students. She has gone above and beyond by attending my daughter's dance competition (on a non school day) to support her. Several students also participated in the OCHS Poms Kiddie Clinic and she came to support them on a cold, rainy Friday night in the Fall. Daily my daughter says something great about her and how much fun she has in class. OCFSD has amazing teachers and Ms. Shadd is definitely one of them."

- Cedar Hills Parent

"These teachers (Mrs. Simmons & Mrs.


) are great! My son has grown academically and maturity wise with Mrs. Simmons. She has great communication. My son loves her class so much! My daughter could not be happier this year with Mrs.


. What a great way to end her elementary experience! Both children have a new excitement for learning and excelling in their academics."

- Forest Ridge Parent

"Mr. Petre communicates frequently via email, which helps me, as a parent, stay on top of what's coming up in assignments, assessments, etc...It helps me stay informed. He's the only teacher who does this and I appreciate it. I recently emailed him to let him know that."
- OCHS Parent

"My daughter Emerson is in Mrs. Daily's classroom, and she just absolutely loves her (and Mrs. Weins too.) I am impressed with the way that Mrs. Daily sets expectations for the students both academically and socially. She also provides strategies for the students to help reach the expectations. My husband and I are amazed at how much our daughter is learning this year.

Mrs. Daily also does an amazing job of communicating with the parents. She sends home weekly newsletters and pictures that I look forward to reading each week. It helps me talk to my daughter about her school week. Mrs. Daily also responds quickly to any parent contact. I had a concern about an incident that happened when Mrs. Daily was absent. She not only took my concern seriously, but followed through with me right away the next day.

Emerson is so lucky to have Mrs. Daily as her teacher. I am so grateful for all that she does to help her students love learning. It means the world to us that our daughter is having such an amazing start to her school career."

-4K Parent

"It was wonderful to have Mrs. Goedel in the 4k classrooms this fall. I loved her approach with the children. It was refreshing to see an educator have expectations of the students and actually hold the children accountable. I'm grateful that my son had the opportunity to have Mrs. Goedel in his class, even if it was only briefly. It feels great to know that someone else saw the immense potential in my son and encouraged him to be his best.I wish she could have stayed at Deerfield. It is obvious to me that Mrs. Goedel has many years of experience. The next class that gets her is incredibly lucky to have her."

-4K Parent

"Linda Smukalla is always very friendly and helpful no matter if I call in to the Office or stop by."

- Oak Creek High School Parent

"Mr. Petre sends a weekly email to parents stating what students worked on in class and what assignments and/or expectations are coming up the next week. I love the weekly emails. I know exactly what to ask my son about concerning Math class. The emails allow me to tailor my questions and have more beneficial conversations with my son. Plus, I can gauge my son's progress because know due dates, etc. ahead of time. Mr. Petre is the only teacher who communicates with weekly emails and I appreciate the effort so much."

- Oak Creek High School Parent

"Mr. Mike is always there to help and the other day went beyond the call of duty. While waiting to pick my daughter up from school I didn't realize I left my headlights on and was charging my phone and my car was not running. Well after grabbing my 5th grader and returning to the car it wouldn't start. Mr. Mike graciously drove his Jeep around and gave my car a jump so I didn't have to wait an hour for AAA to show up. Thanks for always being there to help!!!"

- Edgewood Parent

I wanted to express my appreciation to one of our fine teachers at the high school Ms. Danielle Stiebs. Ms. Stiebs teaches my son in Personal Finance. From the beginning she has tweaked his financial interest while teaching this class. The information is so relevant to what he is experiencing both now and in the near future. My wife and I love how we can have deeper conversations about life/finances through this class.

Second I took a Google Classroom class from Ms. Stiebs this summer during the Summer Academy. I learned some great tools that I have used in my google experiences. I have used Google Sheets to come up with a grade book for my students at Deerfield. I had many questions as I was working on this project during the summer and this fall. Ms. Stiebs was always willing to help.

These two separate experiences with Ms. Stiebs have helped me as a parent and a professional. Because of her teaching she is making Oak Creek a better place.

-High School Parent

"I just wanted to quickly recognize Ms. Bridget Ashenhurst and Ms. Mary Pratt. They both have my son in their respective classes. My son was giving us all a run for our money to start this school year. They have each called me after hours and sent me emails showing my husband, my son and I just how much they really care about our son's success.

With all the darkness going on lately I just wanted to show a bit of sunlight and let them be recognized for their dedication. We couldn't be more happier with them.

Our son has started to make improvements and it truly seems that they care just as much as we do."

-East Middle School Parent

"Huge kudos to Oak Creek Franklin School district for conducting school safety and crisis management procedures with the Peaceful Warrior Training program. I read about in The Blueprint and was very impressed. It is a tough issue to acknowledge, but it is also a realistic issue that needs to be addressed for everyone's safety. I feel safer knowing my kids are surrounded by staff who have training on this. Thank you for going above and beyond for student and staff safety!"

-Oak Creek Parent

"Mr. Engebretson often encouraged his students to join our highschool's German Exchange program. During my senior year, I took the opportunity to house an exchange student for two weeks, then I also ceased the opportunity to go live with my exchange student and attend school with her and travel to a few countries. This was one of the best experiences that was ever offered to me; I have memories that will last forever. I've also made a life long friend, and have reconnected with my exchange student outside of the program."

-Oak Creek High School Student

"Ms.Biedenbender the best teacher in the whole entire world! She is so nice she does a lot of fun stuff for 2017-2018 class"

-Forest Ridge Student

"I am currently a student who is in 7th grade. Last year I had the privilege of working with an amazing educator Mrs. Murphy. She was a specialist teacher that was frequently in the language arts classroom, and was always there ready to help. Mrs. Murphy, and Mrs. Vance helped grow and expand my love and knowledge in reading and writing more in a year than most others could probably achieve in 3. She would often go out of her way to help students with essays and assignments so we could utilize our potential to the fullest. I appreciate Mrs. Murphy more than imaginable.

There are nice teachers, good teachers, and then there are great ones."

-East Middle School Student

"This was a tough year for our daughter. When we asked Katie to help out and boost her confidence Katie did more than that. She would stop our daughter in the hallway just to say Hi, invite her to help out in her class, encourage her to believe in herself and supported her in ways she may never understand. When we ask our daughter who her safe people are at school, Mrs. Franecki is always a name she gives us. Thank you Katie from the bottom of our hearts for all you do each day and for helping our daughter out. Our hope is only that we will some day be able to repay you for your kindness."

-Forest Ridge Parent

"This was a tough year for our daughter. When we asked Sabrina to help out and boost her confidence she did just that. Sabrina hosted lunch with our daughter and provided her a safe and fun place to be. We appreciate that when called upon you did not hesitate and jumped right in to help and support our daughter. We will be forever grateful for all you did and continue to do!"

-Forest Ridge Parent

"This was a tough year for our daughter. When we asked Liz to provide support to our daughter she did not hesitate. She knew our daughter loved to read and was great at working with younger children. She offered her a special job of being an end of the day reader. Our daughter loved this job and found a passion for reading to the children in Liz's class. Thank you Liz for seeing her strength and giving her voice again. We will forever be grateful for the belief you breathed into her last year."

- Forest Ridge Parent

"This was a tough year for our daughter. When we asked Mrs. Shannon Gensler to help out and boost her confidence Shannon did just that. Working with our daughter in 2nd grade Shannon knew her strengths and passions. She would often check in with her during the day, or around lunch, give her hugs and positive words of encouragement. We will forever be grateful for the extra attention she offered to our daughter to help her through this difficult time. We hope that we can pay it forward just as you have. THANK YOU!"

- Forest Ridge Parent

"Mr. Asala has done so much for me that I can't even explain what he has done for me. Mr. Asala has made such an impact on my life it is unbelievable. I wish that I could explain what he has done for me but if I did you would be reading this for the rest of your life. I would like to thank Mr. Asala so much."
- Edgewood Elementary Student

"My child is a student in 2nd grade at Shepard Hills this year. Mr. Schaefer has gone above and beyond several times for my child. From making friends, to creating a wonderful writer, and from teaching a little one how to count money to letting their imagination take over to be creative and unique, Mr. Schaefer has given my child the confidence to explore and excel. His determination and passion to ALL his students is remarkable. He has made 2nd grade memorable for our family and we will always value what he taught us all."
- Shepard Hills Parent

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