Arrival and Dismissal Information

Dear Parents,

At Edgewood Elementary School one of our main goals and priorities is to ensure student safety. In order for student drop off/pick up to be successful, the Edgewood staff needs your cooperation and patience.

Guidelines and Procedures:

Student Drop Off:

  • Cars may line up on Shepard Avenue heading south at the staff parking lot driveway at 7:35 am (DO NOT block circle driveway entrance or exit)
  • Please do not enter the staff parking lot until 7:40 am.  We have staff coming in please allow them into parking lot.
  • Student drop off will be in back of Edgewood School. Parents must pull all the way forward to the construction cone, staff will assist your child/children getting out of your vehicle. Please do not get out of your vehicle; this will delay the drop off process.
  • There will be TWO lanes of traffic. 
  • Starting at 7:50 am staff members will be present to assist students at the front of the line.  Once students exit the vehicle they will walk to the entrance between the cafeteria and gym of the school. 
  • Exit the back lot by using the driveway on Groveland Drive.
  • If you need to come into the school, you will need to park on Groveland Avenue and check in at the office.
  • If your student is walking to school, please have them use the crosswalk on Shepard & Groveland.

Student Pick Up:

  • Cars may line up on Shepard Avenue heading south at the staff parking lot driveway at 2:45 pm (DO NOT block circle driveway entrance or exit) 
  • Please do not enter staff parking lot until 2:50 pm.  Please remember that we have staff leaving at this time and allow them to exit the parking lot.
  • All families will be given a number. This number must be visible when picking up your child/children. All students will be in their classroom until their number is displayed on their room smartboard.
  • Student pick up will be in back of the school behind the gym. Parents must pull all the way forward to construction cone and your student will be brought to your vehicle. 
  • Exit the back lot by using the driveway on Groveland Drive.

AM/PM buses will drop off and pick up students in the circle driveway in front of Edgewood. Please do not enter the circle driveway at any time; this will only cause delays and confusion with the buses.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Kris Russell

Edgewood Principal