Battle of the Books

2021-22 Book Lists

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Battle of the Books (Grade 4 and 5)

Battle of the Books List


Challenge of the Books (Grades 2 and 3)

Challenge of the Books List

Battle of the Books / Challenge of the Books

This competition began several years ago with the purpose being to encourage students in grades 2-5 to read different genres of books. The competition is meant for all students. Parents can help their child read those books that are too difficult for the child to read independently. Because this is a chance for students to read a variety of books, the subject matter in some books may not always appeal to all the students who are interested in participating. All books have been checked for age appropriateness through the American Library Association’s Journal. This provides an opportunity for parents and children to talk about the different ways of viewing and living in the world today and how that fits in with their individual family values.

There are 15 books on the book list for second and third grade; there are 30 books on the list for fourth and fifth graders. Students who know their team members can split the list of books so each student only has to read either 5 books in second and third grade or 10 books in fourth and fifth. Students are encouraged to keep track of story information by taking notes or completing a story map for each book read. Students can of course read all the books on the lists.

Book battles are conducted in the spring. Students sign up for their team in January or February. The three member grade level teams compete to earn as many points possible for their own team. The grade level team earning the most points at the end of the four weeks competes at a District Invitational in spring against teams from the other elementary schools.

Any questions, please contact:

Jennifer Wampole at Edgewood Elementary