The Oak Creek Franklin School District believes in Building Successful Futures Together, and its comprehensive curriculum, aligned to state standards, reflects this core belief.  Administrators, coaches, and educator teams work collaboratively to design and implement instructional programming to engage,inspire and challenge every student every day. Our teams also continuously evaluate and, when necessary, revise curriculum and resources to support our commitment to “every student, every day.”

As a District, we are focused on continuous improvement.  The Oak Creek Franklin School District provides educator training and ongoing professional development to support educators in implementing the best instructional practices.

Under section 120.12(13) of the state statutes, as created by 2015 Wisconsin Act 55, each school district must include an agenda item on the first Board meeting of each school year (July) a notice that identifies the Student Academic Standards that have been adopted by the school board and that will be in effect for the current school year in the areas of mathematics, science, reading and writing, geography, and history.  Additionally, the school district must notify parents and guardians of the academic standards that the school board has adopted pursuant to section 118.30(1g)(a)1 and that will be in effect for the current school year.  The district may provide the notice electronically, including by posting the notice or a link to the specific academic standards on the school district’s website.

OCHS Academic & Career Planning Guide