School to Work Information


Students in their junior or senior year may spend part of a day “shadowing” a professional in a career pathway of interest. Through this opportunity to watch, listen, and ask questions, students will learn first-hand the challenges and responsibilities of various occupations. Job Shadowing applications are available online.


A Cooperative Training Program (Co-op) is the final phase of a vocational education sequence in which basic concepts and skills are taught in the classroom, and related training is received in a local business or industry. This program is scheduled in the junior or senior year. Co-op programs allow an eligible student onthe-job training. The students receive pay and school credit for this practical training experience. Co-op programs are available for students in either Family & Consumer Science or Industrial/Technical. Students meet during Knight Advisory, and are responsible for one assignment and time sheet weekly. An application and successful completion of job related coursework are required. Students are required to obtain their own employment.


This state-recognized program combines academic education, occupational instruction, and work-based learning from an employer. Youth apprenticeship provides students with one or two years of professional training and hands-on experience in some of the most promising career areas and technical occupations. Participating employers will interview, select, hire and agree to train students in specific work-site competencies with 450 hours over two semesters and a summer. Two-year apprenticeship graduates require 900 hours of work over four semesters and qualify for state-wide technical college advanced standing credits related to their area of study. Students are required to obtain their own employment.

For more information about apprenticeship opportunities, visit the Apprenticeship page of the Department of Workforce Development website:

The 2017 Knight Construction house.Two CNA students giving a thumbs up with purple gloves on.Four students with hard hats on working on the wood framing for the Knight Construction house.