Tuesday, November 24, 2020

New Announcements: 

Congratulations to the cast & crew of the one act The Internet is Distract--Oh Look a Kitten! on your advancement to the State Theatre Festival! Job well done at both the district and sectional levels of competition. The show will now be streamed at the virtual state theatre festival and be eligible for state awards. Stay tuned to see how we do!

Catch the latest Knight news on the Sword & Shield website!

Old Announcements:

Internet Safety- You might be aware that the district uses some technology to monitor appropriate usage of technology.  GoGuardian and Gaggle Alerts are two tools that will send alerts to students and school administrators if there are inappropriate searches, references to self-harm, indications of harm to others, or documents that may include inappropriate, obscene, or otherwise offensive language.  These tools will flag searches, google documents, e-mails, and google chats through Google Hangouts.  Flagged items get reviewed by Administration and contact will be made with the student and possibly parents depending on the nature of the reference.  In the case of emails, most flagged messages are NOT delivered to the recipient.  Content flagged in documents, emails, and chats could also be subject to school discipline. We hope this message is a reminder to use technology in an appropriate, educational manner.  Please reference policy 363 regarding student use of technology, which states overall that “The use of the district’s technology and on-line access to resources is for educational purposes only.  It is a privilege and not a right.  Use of district technology and/or district access may be canceled at any time due to inappropriate use, misuse or unauthorized use of these tools or resources.”  Our goal is to keep our students safe, and to use technology in ways that enhance learning. 

ATTENTION SENIORS! It is time to order your cap and gown for graduation. There will be no other opportunity to order your cap and gown so you must place your order now. The deadline for graduation cap and gown orders will be Friday, December 4th. Orders will be an online process this year. You can place your order online at  Jostens. Here is a link to the video to help you start the process:  All orders will be delivered in late April and will need to be paid for, in full, before then. 

Theatre Students! Our Winter Productions Meeting has been moved to December 8th at 3pm. It will be a live, virtual meeting. The link for the meeting will be posted closer to the date on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and in the daily announcements. Come check out what theatre opportunities we're providing after our Fall Productions!