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District Information Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic & Updates for Fall 2020

July 1, 2020


Good Afternoon Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District Families,

As we look towards fall, our schools may look and feel a little different--great students, caring staff--but still, a little different.  There is not a uniform return to school order in Wisconsin.  Many of you were able to complete the family feedback surveys--notes on virtual learning from spring, and expectations for fall--we’ve sent out in recent weeks.  Your feedback, along with recommendations from the Departments of Public Instruction and Health Services, and guidance from our local health department, are the key elements guiding our planning for a responsible return to school.  Authorities like the American Association of Pediatrics continue to state that, “...all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school,” and should work “...to mitigate, not eliminate, risk of SARS-CoV-2.”    

With all of this in mind, since school ended, OCFSD has been working hard to develop plans for 2020-2021.  We are preparing to open and are working to determine exactly what school will look like and feel like in the fall. We also must be cognizant that we could be ordered closed by the Department of Health Services, or the local Health Department, or that individuals or groups of students could be quarantined at home for periods of time.  Accordingly, we continue working to develop the following three scenarios:

  • 100% Face-to-Face Learning: All students in school, safety and disinfection guidelines in place--stay safe to stay open.  

  • Hybrid Learning: Should we be ordered closed, pivot to virtual learning for individual or groups of students, for a limited time.    

  • 100% Virtual Learning: Schools ordered closed for all students and virtual learning commences immediately.  

Given the possibility that we could face intermittent closure of our sites or individual quarantines of our kids.  If you can--and we realize may not be possible for everyone--we encourage families to consider tentative temporary plans in the event of intermittent school closures or quarantine.   

We appreciate your support, resilience, and patience as we work to further develop our plan(s) for fall.  We will continue to keep you informed.  Broadly, we plan to send something every seven to ten days, even when there may not be anything new to report.  Messages regarding transportation, cleaning practices, home health screening, improvements to virtual learning, health protocols in our schools, school specific communications, and more, will be forthcoming.  

Additionally, approximately four percent of our families indicated that they’d be reluctant to return without a vaccine; a future communication will address this need and request additional information, so we can continue to build a solution for your families as well.      

We hope you all can enjoy some beautiful weather and time with family and friends.      



Dan Unertl, Superintendent

Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District

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