Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District


Immunization Records/Waiver Form

Student Immunization Record Form - Use this form to provide the date of immunization(s) OR claim a waiver.  See Step 4 for the waiver portion of the form. 

Medication Requestion/Consent Form

Medication Request/Consent Form (A separate form needs to be completed for each medication, plus an allergy management, asthma management, or seizure management plan if applicable.)

Bus Stop Change Form

If you need to change your child’s morning and/or afternoon bus stop, please complete the form below and turn it in to your child’s school office. The principal will notify GO Riteway of the change and will notify the parent of the effective date of the change.

Bus Stop Change Form

Volunteer Application

How Do I Volunteer?

Every volunteer who will be in contact with students must complete an online volunteer application form even if they were previously approved. This includes field trip chaperons

The school district procedure for background checks will be conducted for all volunteers on a five-year cycle.  You will need to submit an online volunteer application every five years after this initial online application.

Please click here to complete the application.  

Technology Waiver Form

A La Carte Permission Slips