Student Fees

Student fees can be paid via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Click here to log into your Infinite Campus account.

Textbook Rental and Supply Fees
Early Childhood/4K$30.00
Grades K-5$50.00
Grades 6-8$60.00
Grades 9-12$65.00
High School Parking Fee$100.00
Driver Education$200.00
Classroom (Summer)$150.00
Rental School-owned Instruments$47.00
Summer School is based on course supply costs.

Activity Fees
High School Activity Fee$30.00
Middle School Activity Fee$15.00
Athletic Fee per Sport
Athletic Fee: $180 max per family, $120 max per student

Food Service Prices
Breakfast K-12$1.45
Elementary Lunch (K-5)$2.20
Secondary Lunch (6-12)
Premium Meal (6-12)$3.15
Chef Meal (6-12)$3.65
Milk K-12$0.40

*Updated June 2017