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If you have an Oak Creek-Franklin event that would like to have posted, please click "Submit Your Event" below. If you have any questions, please contact Jill Bebeau at j.bebeau@ocfsd.org.

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OC PUBLIC LIBRARY: Take Out Family Fun


Call all K5 parents! Interested in helping to form a K5 Girl Scout Troop? Contact Melissa Vasquez at mvasquez@gwise.org or (414) 443-3961.


Scout Pack 221 is inviting students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade to join their Pack.

Cub Scout Flyer




Please click HERE for Girl Scout at Home programming!

Food Drive

Pack 221 and Troop 221 are holding a Food Drive.

About the Virtual Backpack

The Virtual Backpack for Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District, is our "eco-friendly" approach to distributing information supporting the district's educational goals and mission.

Rather than sending hard copies of non-schoolflyers via ‘captive’ students backpacks (which previously only took place at the elementary level and was a practice ended three years ago), we post approved information this page. It is estimated that this will save nearly 1,000 hours per year in labor, reduces the annoyance and complaints from many parents, and conserves natural resources both in paper consumption and recycling or waste costs.

During the school year, periodic notices are sent to all parent/guardians reminding them that flyer information is posted online and to check their student’s “virtual backpack”

Organizations wishing to submit information to be posted in the Virtual Backpack must do so by completed Flyer Request Form with attached PDF available on the website or at:http://www.ocfsd.org/community/events-postings/sub... at least 10 days in advance of the desired posting date.

Questions about Virtual Backpack may be addressed to Communication Specialist, Lindsey Ziarnik at (l.ziarnik@ocfsd.org).