Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District


On November 6, the Oak Creek-Franklin Community has an opportunity to shape the future of our students, schools and community. The referendum seeks to address a number of the District's needs and reinforce our commitment to providing high-quality education for all students.

The comprehensive, K12 facilities plan that addresses both critical infrastructure and important educational needs across the district:

  • Improve entrance security and handicap access at a majority of schools, as well as relocate the School Resource Officer to the front office at West Middle School.
  • Add gymnasiums at five elementary schools to separate cafeteria from gym and resolve scheduling conflicts between food service and Physical Education classes, as well as Literacy and Math blocks.
  • Update and expand Career and Technical Education areas and add collaboration space for project-based activities.
  • Renew interior spaces at our five oldest elementary schools and make updates to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.
  • Upgrade athletic fields, to include adding a new Varsity Baseball Field and moving the Varsity Soccer field.
  • Build a Performing Arts Education Center at the High School.
  • Address significant parking, traffic flow and other related safety issues at multiple schools.


Informational Presentations

The district hosted a series of informational presentations about the 2018 Referendum on September 17 at Meadowview, October 17 at Edgewood and October 29 at Cedar Hills.

Click here to view the presentation that was shared at the informational presentations. 

Principals Share their Views

Why are the Career & Technical Education classrooms and labs being expanded?

Why do elementary schools need to separate indoor physical education space (gymnasium) and the cafeteria?

Why do our students need a Performing Arts Education Center?

2018 Referendum Overview