Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District

Referendum Updates

On November 6, the Oak Creek-Franklin community chose to shape the future of our community’s schools by voting to approve the 2018 referendum.  We are sincerely grateful for the generous support from our community.


October 2019

Numerous construction projects in our District continue to move forward.  The progress on our gymnasium additions at Meadowview and Edgewood Elementary Schools includes finished walls at both schools.  Meadowview's gym is a little farther along and has the roof on and exterior brick is going up. Edgewood's gym roof is currently going on and the exterior brick will start soon.  Both gymnasiums are scheduled for completion during the Summer of 2020. 

LED lighting upgrades continue across the district and are 100% complete at Deerfield Elementary School and 95% finished at East Middle School.  LED lighting can boost focus, assist in concentration, improve overall mood and behavior in students and offers energy savings to the district.

The athletics project has officially begun, with loads of dirt moved, large retention ponds dug and grading for the new fields and parking lots underway at both OCHS and East.  Underground storm water and main piping are complete at both sites as well, and underground electrical has begun. Above ground, work is ongoing to install ballfield fences at East Middle School. 

Once completed, these upgrades will help our District provide inspiring learning environments for OCFSD students to excel and succeed in. The projects next in line include:

  • Shepard Hills gymnasium addition, which is scheduled to start in mid-October
  • Synthetic turf for baseball and softball fields at East, starting in early October

Meadowview gym walls going up.

Ballfield fencing going up at East MS.

September 2019

This summer the District took its first steps toward building the vision created by our community and as the new school year quickly approaches, work on the projects from this summer is quickly coming to an end. Some of the most noticeable project highlights from this first phase include:

Edgewood & Meadowview Elementary Schools interior updates are already wrapping up. Staff and students will return to a remodeled main office area and renovated classrooms – many with fresh paint and new flooring, ceilings, sinks, and cabinetry. Both schools also underwent Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades this summer to improve accessibility to classrooms, bathrooms, and sidewalks.

New parking at Meadowview (with improved traffic flow) will be ready for use at the beginning of this school year, however, work on the new gym additions at these two schools will continue through the school year.   Concrete foundations are in place, walls are going up and the gymnasiums are scheduled for completion during the summer of 2020. 

Deerfield Elementary School interior remodeling will be finished this month and provide more educational support spaces for students in the upcoming school year. Exterior improvements to the main parking lot and traffic circulation are also scheduled to be completed before school starts.

East Middle School safety and security updates – including new security doors in corridors for building compartmentalization and protective fencing around classroom courtyards – will be done this summer.

West Middle School interior remodeling is finishing up this summer to create additional small group breakout spaces in the Library, as well as flexible spaces for large group instruction. Staff and students will return to a remodeled main office and refreshed classrooms/hallways – many with fresh paint, new flooring, and ceilings. Like East, new security doors were also added in corridors for security compartmentalization.

Additionally, these school buildings received LED lighting updates to gain energy efficiencies and improve student focus and concentration in learning environments.

Walls are going up at Meadowview ES for the new gymnasium -- one of five gymnasiums planned districtwide.

Staff and students will be returning to remodeled interiors at West MS this fall – including hallways, library and large group instruction spaces.

West Middle School Library

West Middle School Hallway



The preliminary schedule below outlines the design phase, bidding phase, and construction phase for the projects at each location. 



Deerfield Elementary

West Middle School


View of Commons with new finishes


View of Collaboration Room off of LMC


View of remodeled Large Group Instructional Space


View of Modified Front Office

Edgewood Elementary


View of new gym interior


View of Common area with new finishes


View of new Gym Lobby in Addition


View of New Gym exterior

Meadowview Elementary

View of common area with new finishes


View of Gym interior


View of new Gym Lobby in addition


View of New Gym exterior 

Athletic Fields

Shepard Hills Elementary