Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District

Planning Process

In June 2017, after a competitive bidding process, the School Board selected Nexus Solutions to help lead this study.  Over the past 12 months, Nexus Solutions  and Plunkett Raysich Architects (PRA) assessed the following areas of all schools

  • Educational Adequacy and Equity

  • Mechanical / Electrical / Technology / Heating / Cooling Systems

  • Deferred Maintenance Needs

  • Energy & Water Conservation / Operations Savings Opportunities

  • Safety / Security

  • Arts and Athletic Facilities including fields and other outdoor spaces

Throughout this process, there has been a great deal of input from many stakeholders across the community.  There were initial community-wide listening sessions on November 4, November 14 and November 16, 2017. Then throughout the winter, there were additional surveys and focus groups to gain clarity from the employee groups and other stakeholders on what we want for the future of our schools.  These multiple opportunities and the dialogue (and sometimes debate) ensured an effective way of infusing fresh ideas and new perspectives into the future of our schools and the futures of our students.

As specifics concepts were developed in the spring, we attempted to gather information on perspectives from as many of our stakeholders as possible so your School Board could make decisions about approving a 10-year facility plan that meets the needs of the community.   May 30 and June 5 we scheduled face to face opportunities for community engagement sessions to discern what the community may want for the future of their public schools. Several hundred community members participated and several hundred more voiced their opinions in another online survey.  Principals were consulted on a regular basis to share the voices and visions for their schools.

A firm was contracted to survey, in a statistically valid manner, a random sample of the Oak Creek and Franklin communities.  These results were reported to the community and School Board on June 26, 2018, Board Special Board meeting & Work Study. The School Board held additional meetings to share with the community and process all the project options provided by the Nexus and Plunkett Raysich on July 16, 2018, Board Work Study and July 30, 2018, Board Work Study.  

The list of needs started at over $100 Million, but after much community input and tough discussions with school principals and the School Board, the total of recommended projects was whittled down to $60,935,500.