4K Program

4K Program

Welcome to the Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District's 4K Program! The District offers half-day 4K at five locations:

  • Cedar Hills Elementary
  • Deerfield Elementary
  • Forest Ridge Elementary
  • Meadowview Elementary
  • Shepard Hills Elementary

Thank you for starting your child’s educational journey with us!

To find out about 4K enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year, click here.

4K Calendar

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4K Curriculum & Instruction


Best Practices in Teaching & Learning

The teaching and learning focus of 4K in the Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District includes:

  • Providing active learning opportunities through play-based and explicit teaching and learning experiences.

  • Utilizing robust learning centers and hands-on opportunities to explore real-world objects, engage in dramatic play, and build foundational social and academic skills.

  • Ensuring a print-rich environment with opportunities for children to read, listen to, and respond to books.  Students will explore concepts of print including letter names and letter sounds. Students will recite poems, sing songs, and notice print in their environment.

  • Celebrating the start of lifelong learning, growth, and success for each child, based on individual learning needs and characteristics.

  • Connecting deeply with parents and families through valuable and relevant outreach opportunities.


4K Curriculum

4K children work towards securing and mastering the following skills by the end of the year: