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OCHS Students Dress in Their Best for Annual CTE Interview Summit

Sam Fox thought he knew what it took to give a good interview. But it wasn’t until participating in Oak Creek High School’s annual CTE Interview Summit that he realized he had so much more to learn.

“Being able to meet with local businesses and get guidance on my interviewing skills allows me to get a step ahead of my competition,” the OCHS senior said.

Last week, Fox along with other OCHS seniors and juniors participated in the 3rd Annual CTE Interview Summit where 36 local businesses donated their time and talent to assist students in learning what it takes to interview well.

“This helped me understand what I need to work on,” Fox explained. “It’s important how I carry myself and my demeanor during the interview and knowing these things before I graduate high school gives me a confidence boost for when I’m out in the real world.”

Ricci Huber, OCHS business and marketing teacher started the event to help students prepare for life after high school. In its three years, it has grown to include businesses in several fields like engineering, health care, business and finance, culinary and construction.

“This year we also implemented student project managers,” Huber explained. “They helped contact the businesses, set up the interviews and build the schedules. We had our culinary students cook and serve breakfast and lunch. This is just another avenue for our students to get real-world experience to help prepare them for their future.”

During the event, students would do a mock interview with a business or field that interests them. At the end of the interview. The business representative would critique their work, giving them tips and things to work on for next time.

“I was nervous when it was my turn to sit down and start the interview,” OCHS senior Ryland Wisialowski said. “But, I really enjoyed putting myself out there and learning more. It gave me a confidence boost for when I go to a real interview.”

And that’s the point Huber says.

“It’s important to not only learn what makes a good interview but to instill in our students that they can do this, they have what it takes and when the time comes they are ready to show their best selves and land the job that’s right for them.”


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