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A Message for 4K & Elementary School Families
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Dear 4K & Elementary School Families,

Thank you to everyone who picked up the Extended Learning resources. Our school will be providing Chromebooks (iPads for 4K) on Monday, March 23 from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, so we can move forward with virtual learning.  Devices can be picked up at your child's school.  Shepard Hills families can pick up devices from East Middle School. We may send other classroom supplies at a later date, if possible.  If you do not have an electronic device at home for your child to utilize, please use your smartphone to request a device, or call us--that way, we will be ready for you.  If you cannot make it on Monday, and you need to pick up a device, please contact us directly at any point between now and when we plan to start virtual learning, and we will find a way to help! 

Distribution has worked really well so far--people have been really warm and accommodating--so we will move quickly to get devices into your kids' hands!  We are also trying to hurry in case there is a further tightening of restrictions on where we can move and gather, as we have seen in other parts of the country. 

Virtual Learning is scheduled to start on April 14 or before for 4K-5th grade students.  And we’re planning in case virtual learning needs to go through the conclusion of the school year; expect more information as we move forward. Have a good weekend and be safe during these extraordinary times.   

And remember, If you need a WiFi HotSpot you can pick this up at District Office 7630 South 10th Street, today or on Monday, March 23 from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm.  And if that time doesn’t work for you, please feel free to call.  


Thank You,

4K & Elementary School Principals 

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