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Carollton Students Graduate from Art Docent Program
Carollton Students Graduate from Art Docent Program

“Creativity takes courage,” said famous artist Henri Matisse, but so does standing up in a room full of your peers, family and real-life art critics to present a project three years in the making!

On Tuesday, Carollton Elementary School students graduated from the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Junior Docent School Program. Since third grade, students have been learning vocabulary, history and interpretation strategies in visual arts. They’ve taken tours (and this year virtual tours) of the museum, seeing different works of art and learning more about the artists and the stories behind the pieces.

This year, as part of the program, the now fifth graders were asked to select a favorite work of art from the museum’s collection for further investigation. Once they chose their piece, they had to create a reproduction, select a creative response of that art work, and present it to the class as part of their final product.

Today, students showed off their own works of art, explaining why they chose the piece and what they learned from the experience with their written speech they created during their art docent class.

Take a look at some of our elementary artists!