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Carollton Students Learn Life-Saving Skill
Carollton Students Learn Life-Saving Skill

It's one of those classes that you take and really hope you never have to use.

In 2018, Connie Schneider's nephew, David, went into cardiac arrest on the baseball field. His coach immediately started CPR until paramedics arrived. It was a decision that ultimately saved David's life. And one that Schneider and her family are sharing with their community.

The Schneider family started Dibbs17, a program to get 1700 people CPR certified and to spread awareness about the importance of this potentially life-saving skill.

On June 1, Schneider taught every student at Carollton Elementary School how to perform hands-only CPR. Working with mannequins, each student learned the proper hand technique and rhythm to perform CPR successfully.

"If you have two hands, you can pump a heart and learn CPR," Schneider said. "Having our children be prepared and not scared in an emergency situation can make a difference.  All ages should learn what CPR is and how to recognize where AEDS are located." 

You can watch more of David's story here.