Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District
Parent/Guardian Survey
Parent/Guardian Survey
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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Help make Oak Creek-Franklin schools even better by completing the parent/guardian survey! Your feedback will provide valuable information for us as we set school improvement goals and make decisions for the future. To get a clear picture of what is working well and what areas may need improvement, the quantity of responses is very important. To encourage parent participation, the district is offering up to $500 for a special school project to the school with the highest participation rate!

If you have more than one child in a school, please complete only one survey for the school. If you have children in more than one school, please complete a different survey for each school.   
The survey is now open and will remain open until Sunday, May 12th at 5:00 pm.  Paper copies are also available in your school's office. If you have any questions, please email communications@ocfsd.org.


LINK: Parent/Guardian Survey (English)

LINK: Parent/Guardian Survey (En español)