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Why do our students need a Performing Arts Education Center?
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Why do our students need a Performing Arts Education Center? What learning opportunities will students have that they don't have now? 


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The Performing Arts Education Center is a 'real life' laboratory in which students can learn by doing critical life-enhancing skills including, but not limited to:

  • Creativity and expression,
  • Honing a craft and future career / profession,
  • Providing students an evaluative and interpretive lens by letting them experience many different historical, cultural, and genres of art and literature,
  • Confidence in public speaking, performance, expression, and elocution,
  • Working together as a team - even though a performer may be on stage, there is a supportive cast and crew that is never taken for granted,
  • Audience etiquette (a component of music state standards), and
  • Integrating application and understanding of all areas of the curriculum: Literature, Music, Art, Dance, Technology, Carpentry, Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Business, and more.


Second, in seeking our goal of 100% of graduates being prepared for college and careers of their choice, we are severely limited in providing opportunities for students interested in the hundreds of career options within the performing arts. Graduates who go on to study and attain careers in the performing arts are not all going to be actors or professional musicians. In fact, the majority of the careers and jobs available in the entertainment industry are what most people would call "backstage." For example, audio engineer technicians,  broadcast technicians, lighting engineers and operators, set designers, stage hands; and it is specifically these types of highly technical careers and futures that we cannot even begin to demonstrate to our students without the learning laboratory of a Performing Arts Education Center.


Third, at any given moment - over 700 High School students involved in the arts could be using a Performing Arts Education Center in Band, Choir, and Theater alone.  This is over 30% of the student body. Our facilities should serve all our population-they currently are not. Oak Creek is one of the largest high schools in the state.  Compared to other schools our size, we are the ONLY school that does not have a designated performance space. OCFSD students are performing at extremely high levels, and the audience should be able to hear and see the performances the way they were intended without distractions of comfort, extraneous noise from facilities, eye sores, and poor acoustics.


Fourth, the use of a Performing Arts Education Center is extremely VERSATILE and can be used for Lecturers, Band, Choir, Orchestra, Jazz Band, and Guest Artist Concerts, Award & Honorary Ceremonies, Dramatic Plays, Musical Theatre Performances, Dance Competitions and Shows, Battle of Bands, Talent Shows, Movies, Community Gathering & Interaction, Regional Events, Banquets, Adult Education, Political Debate, and even School Assemblies or Classrooms. In the current situation, a massive amount of time and resources are wasted in setting up and tearing down to transform gymnasiums for performances, award ceremonies, and assemblies.  A dedicated space would save the district money that is currently lost to staffing that do this work, as well as prevent the wear and tear on equipment associated with the movement of setting up and taking down. It would also alleviate the need for physical education classes to be displaced for all of the events that require the use of the gym, which is a very common occurrence.


Finally, a Performing Arts Education Center will provide an opportunity for community use of school facilities to enhance the quality of life in Oak Creek instead of traveling to Franklin High School.


Learn more about the November 6, 2018, referendum at one of our upcoming informational presentations.  Childcare will be available at each session.


  • Wednesday, October 17 at 6:00 p.m. at Edgewood Elementary


  • Monday, October 29 at 6:00 p.m. at Cedar Hills Elementary


The District is also interested in presenting to as many local groups or organizations as possible. If interested, contact the Superintendent's office by calling (414) 768-5886.


For more information, visit www.ocfsd.org/referendum.