Bullying Resources

Our school will be participating in an online program, Act Now! Bullying Stops With You, that discusses different types of bullying, how to recognize it, and how to deal with bullying situations. Children's Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW), created the program, and offers resources and programs for children, parents, teachers and caregivers to help keep kids healthy and safe. To find out more about CHW visit their website at www.HealthyKidsLearnMore.com.

During CHW's Act Now! program, your child will spend some time online in a fictitious Newbridge Middle School, where they will meet a cast of characters whose lives have been affected by bullying in various ways. Their opinions and actions will put your child in the position to make positive, long-lasting choices about bullying.

During or after the completion of this program could be an excellent opportunity to discuss some of these topics in greater depth with your child. We appreciate that you may have a different perspective to add to our academic approach.

Visit ParentsACTNow.com and learn about:
  • What to do if your child is being bullied or is bullying others
  • Cyberbullying and sexual harassment
  • How to build your child's resiliency
  • Laws that are in place regarding bullying

Click here to connect to the district bullying policy and procedures.