Summer School

2019 Summer School Dates, Times & Locations

New Locations Due to Construction


Thank you Oak Creek-Franklin families so your participation in 2018-19 summer school!  The dates for 2019-2020 will be published in January.


  • June 17 - July 25
  • Monday - Thursday
  • No classes July 4th 
  • 7:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • Government for incoming freshmen will be held at the 9th Grade Center.

High school summer school is primarily remedial.  Information will be sent to high school families later this month.  High school students can register anytime before the end of the school year. High school students should see their school counselor for information about summer school.

Camp OC Child Care

Youth Programs offers child care throughout the summer.  Please click the button below for information about summer child care. 

Camp OC Child Care

K-8 Summer School Contact Information

Kari Strasser
Phone: 414-768-5887

K-8 Summer School Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is K-8 summer school?

The OCFJSD summer school for elementary/middle school students (KG-8th grade) is an extension of the curriculum taught during the regular school year. Students have many opportunities to enrich their learning through various course offerings. There are enrichment courses that are open to all students who will be entering kindergarten to those entering 8th grades and readiness classes that are by teacher recommendation only. The Summer School Course catalogs include a description of each class.

2. When do I register my child for summer school?

 All online registration occurred March 8 - 25, 2019.  A waiting list was provided for late registration from April 23-May 23. Summer school course selection/registration is now complete.

3. If I sign my child up for a class on the first day of online course selection in Infinite Campus, do they have a better chance of getting the class they want?

We use a scheduler program that randomly places students in courses that they have requested up to when the capacity is met. It is designed to best meet the needs of all students. Classes are not first come, first serve and there is no guarantee that your child will get a full schedule. If your child does not get a full schedule you will need to add your child to the online waiting list.

4. What grades is summer school K-8 for?

Summer school is for all students entering kindergarten through those entering 8th grade for the 2019-20 school year.  If your child finished K4 they will attend kindergarten classes.

5. My child has an IEP. Can they still attend summer school?

We welcome and encourage all students to participate in summer school enrichment programming, however, please note that summer school is permissive and classes are not designed to provide the same level of services and supports which would be provided during the regular school year. While additional staff and aide support will be available for enrichment courses, if your child has special education needs necessitating significant supports during the school year, please consult with your child’s special education teacher for program recommendations.  

6. My child is going into K4 next year. Can I still sign them up for a kindergarten class?

No. The kindergarten classes are for students who will be entering kindergarten in the fall.

7. Which grade should I sign my child up for?

You will select the grade that your child WILL be entering next fall.  

8. How long is each summer school class and how many classes can my child take?

With the exception of band lessons for grades 6, 7, 8, summer school classes are 2 hours long. Children can take one or two summer school classes.

9. Is Aspire before and after care available for summer school?

The wraparound care for summer is called Camp OC. Like the Aspire program that runs during the school year, Camp OC is run by Youth Programs and you register your child through the Youth Programs department.  Click HERE for more information about Camp OC. 

10. Is there busing for summer school?

No. There is no busing for summer school.

11. My child(ren) will be attending Camp OC wraparound. How many classes should they take?


If your child will be attending summer school and Camp OC Wraparound care to be a full day of childcare then your child will need to take 2 summer school classes. Occasionally a student is only coming for one class and there is a need for one specific period. If this is the case, please send an email to While there are no guarantees your child will end up in their first choice class, we will work with you so your child will not have a gap between Camp OC and summer school. Listing multiple alternate classes will assist us in getting your child scheduled.

12. Can I make a special request for my child be placed in the same classes as their friends?


No. Due to the large number of students who enroll in our summer school we are not able to take special requests for this purpose.

13. Is there only one location for summer school?


No, there are two locations for summer school that are determined by the grade your child will be in next fall.

  • Students in grades K-3 will attend summer school at Shepard Hills Elementary (9701 S. Shepard Avenue in Oak Creek).
  • Students in grades 4-8 will attend summer school at Forest Ridge Elementary (2200 W. Drexel Avenue in Oak Creek).

14. I want my child to take a reading or math class, but they weren’t recommended. Can I still sign them up for those classes?


No, all courses that are by recommendation only are designed for students who have been recommended by their teacher to attend.

15. Can I drop my student off early?


Students who need to be dropped off before the doors open will need to be registered for Camp OC Wraparound Care.

Shepard Hills: Doors open at 7:35 am

Forest Ridge: Doors open at 8:05 am

16. How do I register for summer school if my child already attends a school in the Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District?

All online registration is March 8-25. Parents will need to log into their Infinite Campus Parent Portal account to register. 

17. My child will only be coming for one class. Can I make a request for a specific time slot?


If your child is only attending summer school for one period you should still put in a course request in Infinite Campus. It is helpful if you also list alternate courses if your child is not randomly selected for their first choice class in the period you need. There is no way to request a specific period in Infinite Campus, so you must also send an email to that lists the specific period. While we cannot guarantee your child a spot in their first choice class, we will work with you to try and accommodate your needs.

18. Is there a limit to the number of alternate courses I can select during online course selection?

No. You are encouraged to fill out at least one alternate course for each period you are signing up for. If you need your child to attend two periods you should fill out as many alternate classes as your child can select from the Summer School Course Catalog.

19. Why are there new locations for summer school?


Due to the construction at multiple sites, Forest Ridge and Shepard Hills are the two schools available for summer school.

20. The class my child chose has a fee. When do fees need to be paid and how do I find out the fees I owe?

Fees need to be paid by May 3, 2019. No fee statements will be mailed or sent via Friday folders this year. Parents will need to log into their Portal account and view fees there.

Fees can be paid one of 3 ways.

  1. By credit card in your Portal account.

  2. To pay in person at your child’s school or district office using cash or check. You can print the fee statement for all members or you will need to include the full names of all children you are paying for.

  3. To pay by mail (check only). You can print the fee statement for all members or you will need to include the full names of all children you are paying for along with payment to Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District, 7630 S. 10th Street, Oak Creek, WI 53154, Attn: Summer School.

21. Will there be Summer PREP running in August for recommended students?


There will NOT be Summer PREP this year due to construction.

22. My child does not attend an Oak Creek-Franklin public school, but we live in the district. Can my child still attend summer school?


Yes. You will need to enroll your child using our online enrollment (Link to enrollment information). You will select “current year” for the enrollment year and the grade your child WILL be in next year as enrollment grade. You will also be saying YES to the question, “Is this student attending ONLY summer school in the Oak Creek-Franklin School District? (i.e. student attends private school during the school year.)” This will ensure that the enrollment information only applies for summer school.

After your child is completely enrolled, you will receive login information for Infinite Campus and you will request classes for summer school using the same method as parents who have children attending during the school year.

23. How do I select summer school courses?

 All online registration occurred March 8 - 25, 2019.  A waiting list was provided for late registration from April 23-May 23. Summer school course selection/registration is now complete.