Student Services

School Counseling

The school counselors conduct guidance lessons in classrooms, hold special small group counseling sessions, and also see students for individual counseling. Students interested in seeing their counselor may stop by the Guidance Office before or after school, during lunch, or in between classes to get a pass, or by asking their teacher if they may be excused to see the counselor. Confidentiality is always respected unless there are issues that affect the health, welfare, and safety of the student. 8th grade students will also be participating with their parents in CAP (Career and Academic Planning) conferences with their counselor. The CAP conferences take place in the spring and help prepare the students for high school course selection.

Student Intervention Team (SIT)

Student Intervention Team (SIT) is a team of staff members that meets on a weekly basis to discuss students that are identified as having an academic, behavioral or emotional need. The SIT members consist of Building Administrators, School Psychologist, School Social Worker, School Counselors, and teacher(s) of the identified student. Interventions are discussed and responsibilities may be developed for those involved with the student for a special education evaluation. Parents and/or teachers have the ability to refer a student for a special education evaluation at any time.