Who:         Supporting Oak Creek Franklin School District students in grades 4K - 8

  • Up to 30 students at each home school

  • K4 students will be supported at Forest Ridge Elementary

When:       Monday - Friday.  (Each school day day during remote learning)

Elementary School - 8:00 AM - 3:05 PM

East Middle School - 8:00 AM - 3:50 PM

If care is needed before or after school hours families may register for ASPIRE or The MIX.

If care is needed on scheduled school days off such as in-service days or breaks, families may register online for School Days Out care services.

What:   Each School Day Camp day will include:

*Online learning  *Homework assistance  *Recess and outdoor activities  *Playing with school peers

*Breakfast and lunch provided by Taher Food Service at no additional cost 


  • Elementary schools will be using their cafeteria, gym, and LMC 

  • East Middle School will be using the cafeteria, and LMC  

  • 4K will be using the Forest Ridge music room, and LMC